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The Total Lifestyles Program (TLP)

The Young Adult Academy (YAA)

The Adult Lifestyles Program (ALP)

The Center for Autism (CFA)

The Early Learning Program (ELP)

The Total Lifestyles Program (TLP) serves individuals ages 7-22 with various developmental disabilities. The typical TLP student will have a below average IQ and work below grade level. Students may also have a diagnosis such as Prader-Willi, Autism, Down syndrome, etc. The TLP is the core program offered at The King's Daughters' School. Each student has an individualized academic plan based on his or her needs and potential. Independence and socialization are incorporated into these plans to promote maturation and personal growth.

TLP students receive an extremely comprehensive education, which includes living skills training, vocational/employment opportunities, leisure and recreational activities, behavioral analysis and modification, social/adaptive behavior training and cognitive behavioral therapy. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of Special Olympics competitions on local, state, national and even international levels, including swimming, baseball, basketball, softball and soccer. Students receive counseling to address many issues including drugs and alcohol, anger management, sex education and abuse prevention.

As part of the comprehensive program, all students regularly participate in life skills training. Students learn skills such as gardening, cooking, housekeeping and social interaction (including an annual prom). The TLP offers a standard 6 ½ hour school day with class rotation every 35 minutes—the shorter classroom time has proven effective in maintaining students’ attention. Each student will have a peer group of approximately 8-10 students and a staff/student ratio of 1:4.

Some students, who may need time and/or preparation before participating in a typical classroom schedule or who simply perform better in a single classroom setting, may benefit from our Comprehensive Development Classroom (CDC). Students in the CDC classroom do not change classes with the bells, but remain in one of two classrooms and with the same teacher for the majority of the day.

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